We are Lavista

We are a dynamic leader in the commercial real estate industry. Based in Atlanta and serving the Southeast, Lavista sells, leases and manages properties in the industrial, office, retail, healthcare and land sectors.

We offer a full suite of services with a client-focused perspective and hands-on approach. Lavista’s consistent performance attracts private and institutional owners, investors, developers, family offices, financial institutions and a diverse range of tenants seeking an accountable partner.

For more than 50 years, we have partnered with our clients to customize solutions, facilitate challenging situations and optimize results. We unite with local, regional and national tenants to execute strategic growth plans and apply market knowledge to achieve lasting success.

Our people are our most valuable resource and important investment. Lavista’s steadfast and experienced team applies decades of experience to each transaction to ensure client goals are achieved.

We grow with intention and operate with integrity. It’s how we’ve done business for the past 50 years and we are committed to the same guiding principles for the next 50 and beyond.

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Past Projects

We’ve been honored to work on many notable properties throughout our 50-year tenure.
Take a look at select past properties.

Past Projects

Our History

May 1972
Lavista Founding

Lavista Corporation Formed

Donald G. Perry, Jr. (50%) partner with Tom Forkner (25%) and Joe Rogers, Sr. (25%) Office: 2133 Lavista Executive Park, Tucker, GA

Initial Services were Land Development, Land Acquisition and Land Syndication

Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Land

Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Land


First Recession

Market bust after years of boom times – First market transition to foreclosed property.

Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Industrial

Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Industrial

Lavista growth 1975 - 1986

Firm Growth

Firm grows as a result of the Georgia Tech connection, adding Bobby Mayson (1975), Tom Cape (1976), Art Murray (1978), Rob Binion (1983), and many others over time.


New Corporate Identity

Transitioned from Lavista Corporation to Lavista Associates, Inc. Bought out Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers, Sr. completely.


Workout Phase

C&S Bank first big Foreclosed Property client with about 30 listings in Peachtree Corners (Developer Paul Duke land)

Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Property Management

Added Commercial Property Management

Added Corporate Brokerage Services

Added Corporate Brokerage Services

Added Office Leasing, Investment Sales & Retail Brokerage.


Second Recession

Inflation and high interest rates, but no major crisis like the first recession in 1975.


Added Commercial Brokerage Service: Fee Development


Third Major Recession

Inflation caused a boom that collapsed in 1988 along with the Savings and Loan industry. Second market transition to foreclosed property. Managed, leased, redeveloped and sold REO assets for 40 plus lenders.


Markets Boom After Recession

Recession ended and switched back to private market.


Shareholders Expanded

Key agents were brought into company ownership. Firm always to be agent owned.



Internet is widely adopted and lavista.com is established.


Fourth Recession

2001 World Trade Center destruction created severe but brief slowdown after the Dot Com bust of 2000. Markets froze for about 5 months.


Fifth Recession

Extremely severe recession began in November 2008. Fortunate to have had good cash reserves and no debt.


Third Foreclosed Property Shift

Banks and other financial institutions become clients again. We manage and sell over 600 commercial assets for more than 50 different institutions. Business strong late 2009-2010. Managed more than 125 properties at one time at peak. Hired temp (turned out to be 4+ years) accounting and management personnel. By 2015, real estate back in private hands. Our business was as good in the recession as in the preceding boom.

Property Type Expansion

Property Type Expansion

Promised the banks we would represent any commercial property with a building. We eventually managed and sold motels, car washes, convenience stores, self-storage, day care, RV parks, and boat storage as well as office, industrial, and retail properties.

Lavista Associates Buckhead Office

Moved To Buckhead

Expanded and diversified into all Metro Atlanta submarkets. Also expanded our geographic footprint throughout the state of Georgia.


Brief Sixth Recession

Beginning of Covid-19 pandemic disrupts the world and our business, but the downturn is brief. Business returns in late 2020.


Business Booms

Fastest return of business ever as vaccines are introduced and world investment booms. Hot markets in real estate, stocks, commodities and homes sales as interest rates hover near zero. All time record business year.


Geographic Expansion

Clients and opportunities led us to expand throughout the Southeast for Investment Sale transactions and client tenant-rep leasing in the Midwest and Northeast. We became licensed in 9 states.

Lavista Associates - 50 Years

50th Anniversary

Lavista celebrates its 50th year in business.


Firm Expansion

5 new agents added to the Firm.